Nose Jobs

What Exactly Is A Nose Job

A nose job can describe several different cosmetic surgery procedures. The link between all of them is changing the shape or size of your nose. This change can occur either inside or outside of your nose and can be visual or non-visual.

The most common type of nose job is a rhinoplasty. This too describes several different surgeries. It will either reconstruct the form of or restore function to a nose. These modifications can improve your quality of life through either newly useable functions or a restoration of confidence.

A nose job can help correct trauma that has happened to the nose. When you have had damage that causes you to be unable to breathe normally through your nose a rhinoplasty can help you recover this lost function. Through opening up the nasal cavities or reconstructing the nasal palette to allow the air to pass without being impeded.

A rhinoplasty can also correct the size or shape of the nose. This can be used if you are born with a condition such as a cleft palette or other nasal defects. This surgery will work to give you a better looking nose that looks natural and is more symmetrical with your face. Basically you can have the nose you have always dreamed of without having to alter other parts of your face.

You can also elect to have a nose job because you don’t like something about your nose. If you feel your nose is too large or is not symmetrical a surgeon can correct this for you. Giving you a nose that you feel fits better with your facial features and your lifestyle can actually be rather simple. This can give you a nose that is more proportional or visually appealing to you personally.

Before you have a nose job the surgeon can show you examples of previous clients. This combined with digital modeling can help you choose the look that you want and allows you to personalize your experience. This is one of the benefits of getting a nose job because you can be sure it will fit with what you want in life.

Overall a nose job is a procedure that will change the look of your nose. This in turn will give you a differently proportioned face or restore nose function. These two options are meant to improve your life and give you better control over your body and your confidence.

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  1. Your nose wasn’t that bad. Definitely wish I had parents that would spend
    oodles of money for my ski-slope nose. you’re way too lucky.

  2. Ouch! I liked your nose before, but I understand you needed it for
    breathing though! Hope you recover quick

  3. hey how old are you? i’m 17 and about to have a nose job on the 24th of
    July, got any tips or advise 😀

  4. She didn’t have a nose job. She had her deviated septum fixed. So she can
    breath. I have the same problem.

  5. People feel the need to make silly comments. As I am a beauty guru, it
    tends to be seen as a “necessity” to wear make-up at all times. So, it’s
    just a simple disclaimer.

  6. I hate my nose too it make me look kind of ugly but I want to get surgey
    but my mom said no but I might do it behind her back

  7. @Brokelle Marie: I know that in your last video you say that it takes a
    year to see the final result of your surgery. But would you mind telling me
    how do you feel about going through it already? Do you breathe better than
    before? I might get this surgery very soon and id like your opinion.

  8. I thought of doing this like forever but I chicken out all the time. I even
    stood up my surgeon because I was scared of complication after the surgery.

  9. are you kidding me? if i had your natural nose I would be so happy!!! (not
    trying to be an ass to you or anything, i’m just surprised you wanted a
    nose job cause your natural nose looked fine!)

  10. At least you had a good reason to get a noise job. I didn’t even know that
    a nose job could fix the problems you had.

  11. I’m 15 turning 16 in April and I’m not sure if i want to get a nose job or
    not. My nose is big.

  12. Did you get it done during the school year? I want to get mine done but I’m
    afraid to come into school with a swollen face :(

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