Reconstructive Surgery

Understanding Reconstructive Surgery

In the broadest of terms, reconstructive surgery is done to help restore both form and function to various areas of the body. If there are certain birthmarks, illnesses, injuries or even mastectomy surgeries that have taken hold of a patient, reconstructive surgery can be done to bring back the original shape of the body parts that had been impacted. This is a form of surgery that can be done anywhere on the body, including facial areas, breasts, feet and hands and more. When done correctly, reconstructive surgery is a wonderful way for helping a patient so that they can get back to the level of self confidence that they should have when it comes to their appearance.

You will often find that there are certain methods that are done to achieve the desired results, which your surgeon will be able to talk with you about to help find the best surgical path to meet your needs. If a patient has been through trauma that included severe cuts or burns, there can be reconstructive surgery done to bring back a look that is as close to normal as possible. There are also women and men who will need to have reconstructive surgery on parts of their body after they have gone through some level of extensive weight loss either through natural means or after they have gone through weight loss surgery.

Facial reconstructive surgery will often be performed on people who may have been born with certain malformations, including a cleft lip and palette. If any patient has been involved in an accident that left them with deformities to the face, the surgeon can also work with them to bring back a normal structure that is as close to what they once had prior to the traumatic event. There are also some patients who will go in for what is known as a microsurgery, which is the process used to replace body parts that have been severed such as a finger that may have been taken off or another limb that was involved in an accident.

As with any type of surgery, there can be a number of risks. However, patients who are looking to have reconstructive surgery will often tell you that any of the rewards will greatly outweigh the risks that they could be facing. With the right planning and a qualified surgeon, the patient will be able to get back to the appearance that they have always known.

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  1. Amazing work done by these doctors! In the old days, did people with these
    kinds of injuries survive? Love the kid who didn’t want his eyebrow raised
    – what a great comment! The pre-surgery pics are hard to watch, but after
    hearing details of the repairs and seeing them after surgery gives a
    complete picture of their journey. I had a similar accident as a child, and
    now I have no vision problems and my facial scars have faded away- thanks
    to the docs at Methodist Hospital.

  2. Riding a bull, which has it’s testes roped off in order to cause pain, is
    asking to be kicked. Fuck that kid. And why are you wearing the head cover
    just to give a lecture?

  3. I don’t know how they do things at John C Lincoln, but when I did my
    surgery rotation at Georgetown, we’d keep our caps on all day at work. As
    for the rodeo case, I completely agree, the sport is cruel. However, it is
    the role of the doctor to always treat a patient, no matter what the
    background to their ailment.

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