Face Lift

What Is A Face Lift Or Rhytidectomy?

A face lift is a cosmetic procedure that can help rectify the effects  of aging. Generally speaking, people who are troubled by wrinkles, loose skin on the neck and jowls and sagging facial skin seek out a face lift as a solution. Candidates for rhytidectomy are usually over the age of forty.

Will I be asleep during a face lift?

The operation is performed under either local anesthesia or general anesthesia. This can be administered intravenously.

Where is the procedure performed and how long does it take?

A face lift is usually performed in an outpatient facility, and it takes several hours. After care services may take place in a hospital setting if the patient has a pre-existing condition that warrants close observation or if multiple procedures are performed.

What will I look like after a face lift?

Following a face lift, there will naturally be swelling and bruising. Additionally, the skin of the face may feel dry and tender for a while. Patients typically say that their skin feels tight through the neck and face. A sense of numbness is common at first. This generally resolves with time.

What are the risks of having a face lift?

Just as with any surgery, risks include scarring, bleeding and infection. Additionally, if poorly performed results may be asymmetrical, or the hairline may be changed in an unexpected or unwanted way. These effects are rare when care is taken to select a well qualified surgeon.

How long does it take to recover?

Patients should rest and take great care for a couple of weeks. After that, returning to work is fine if your job is not especially strenuous. You should be able to return to strenuous activity after six weeks. Avoid exposure to the sun for several months, and always use a sunscreen.

How long does a face lift last?

When you take good care of your health and your skin, your face lift should look nice for a decade or so.

Plan wisely for best results!

Keep in mind that, if you do need more than one procedure, it is wise to schedule them simultaneously. When you have a face lift, you can also have procedures such as dermabrasion, chemical peel, laser peel, brow lift, eye lift and other cosmetic surgery performed. This makes the wisest use of your anesthesia and recovery services and allows you to save time and money.

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  1. Very interesting video. I have subscribed to your channel because of the
    consistency of good work you produce. It is clean, you are great at
    explaining your procedures, why you do various things, and explaining what
    each tool and technique is used for. I am about to graduate high school, on
    my way to becoming a surgeon, possibly a plastic surgeon. These videos
    motivate me and make me appreciate your professional work. I also
    appreciate you adding the before and after pictures. Thank you.

  2. Thank you! The goal really is to educate our patients. If you do decide to
    go the plastic surgery route, give us a call!

  3. Hi, I’ve just had a “Mac’s facelift” 11 weeks ago, I know its early days
    but I still have bunching under the skin at the sides and the area is
    purple. The muscles feel tight and pulled to the sides and I have not had a
    lift in the cheek area. Also when I talk the muscles pull my mouth down and
    I look older sadder and strange.. I’m really upset and can’t talk to my
    partner about it. I feel humiliated. Will it get better with time? I have
    before and after pictures I can send you

  4. Hi Jan, Unfortunately we can’t comment without knowing your case or seeing
    your pictures. If you’d like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kelly, you
    can call our office at 305.595.2969 and ask for his patient coordinator,

  5. Your videos are amazing. Very professional. But I got a question doctor,
    How much does a facelift cost?

  6. Hi Carlos… It varies depending on what exactly the individual patient is
    getting done. For example, not all facelift patients need a necklift or fat
    grafting done in conjunction. For a a price range, you can call our office
    at 305-595-2969.

  7. I love your videos and hope that you keep on making them. But I have a
    question let’s say I wanted liposuction in my abdominal area and also want
    a face/ neck lift and I needed fat graphting, would you use the fat from my
    abdominal area to fat graph my face/neck. And if so would you do the
    procedure all at once. Keep it up! I love these.

  8. We could definitely use the fat taken from liposuction for fat grafting…
    As for doing all the procedures at once, we’d have to determine the length
    of the procedure and discuss with the anesthesiologist at the time of

  9. I’d love to have this very procedure. EVERYTHING you said about this
    patient is the problems that I’m having.

  10. would you do this surgery in combination with a breast lift with implant or
    is it too long under anesthesia

  11. Hi my name is Tiffany Torres.. I am a senior at Sprayberry and i am
    wondering now that i think i want to become a plastic surgeon..i dont to
    knowfor sure but if the studies are really hard and if its worth it also
    after the years do you get use to seeing skin opening?…I just want to
    make right choice for my future..Thank you

  12. Every patient’s needs and surgery is different so it would be hard to give
    you accurate price online. If you’d like to speak with one of our patient
    coordinators for more information, you can call us at 305-595-2969

  13. I watched your entire thing. I am going to do a facelift middle lower and
    neck with some fat filling lines lip between eyes. I am scared. I am
    very scared about the epi more than anything. I have low , very low
    tolerance to pain killers and super high to benos and panic disorder. I
    will do it though as I cant stand this aging especially neck sagging on
    right side. I am wondering about pain and also time healing . Another
    thing scaring me is the nerve damage possibility. Now I have had many
    surgeries crainotomy, lumbar sacral resection of for femoral nerve
    tumor along psoas muscle last January at Jackson Memorial with Dr. A Levi
    which is good . still healing though and nerve issues. I am concerned
    since I am alone about healing and pain. I am scheule pre op tues dec 3
    and surgery december 16. i have nt had epi since oh 1985. ii us on
    carbocaine plain and i see the need for epi her . is that going make
    my haert race. also an issue came to mind after watching was i have
    inner ear problems which after surgery schawnomma tumor in Jan w.Dr Levi
    I had a menneires flareup. After surgery are you lifted up and can you
    sleep pretty my up. i am not flat sleeper and never sleep on right side
    as that seems be the ear plus have had the problem with that little
    vball type thing and get vertigo . I understand it so I go with issues.
    Knowledge and acctual seeing what to expect is fear relieveing for me .
    I would rather have all the facts. Can I bee alone afetr 15 hours as I
    really ahve no one to stay or help me. Thank you. Please answer before
    I give Dr. Schieder the full payment Tuesday.

  14. To be a plastic surgeon do you have to train to be a normal surgeon first
    and have some experience and then go on to being a plastic surgeon or can
    you just start off as a plastic surgeon?

  15. This was so interesting to watch, I’m too young for a face lift but was
    curious to see how it’s done. You’re very skilled, I always wondered if
    people who opt for these surgeries get conflicted over picking a surgeon
    who is young and on the “cutting edge” of research, or someone with years
    of experience.

    …I think I just learned to always pick the person with years of
    experience. Thank you for posting these, very informative! 

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