Body Lift

What Is A Body Lift & How Is It Done?

A body lift is a cosmetic procedure that is intended to tone and shape the tissue that underlies and supports skin and fat. In this procedure, sagging excess skin and fat are removed. The procedure can improve the dimpled and irregular appearance of cellulite.

Is the entire body “lifted”?

Here are the areas of the body that are typically lifted:

* The abdominal area and adjacent areas of the sides and lower back

* The buttocks

* The groin and inner thigh area

* The circumference of the thigh, the inner thigh and/or the outer thigh.

All of these areas can be shaped and lifted for improved appearance and function.

Why have a body lift?

As we age, a number of things take a toll on the appearance and function of the body. Among them are weight fluctuations, pregnancy, damage caused by the sun, the effects of aging and genetic factors. All of these things can affect the elasticity of skin tissue and cause sagging in the thighs, buttocks and abdomen.  A body lift can restore a more youthful appearance and (when coupled with proper diet and exercise) help rid the body of excess fat.

Can a body lift be used for weight loss?

The purpose of a body lift is not just to remove excess fat. Liposuction is the procedure of choice for this if the skin in the areas to be treated has good skin elasticity that will allow the skin to conform naturally after excess fat has been removed. If skin elasticity is not good, liposuction should be used in combination with a body lift so that excess skin can be removed and the remaining skin contoured.

What happens in a body lift?

A body lift consists of a series of surgical procedures. Extensive incisions are required. The pattern and length of the incisions is dependent upon the location and amount of excess skin that must be removed. Additionally, the cosmetic surgeon must decide wisely as to the safety of the procedures for the individual patient.

Can the scars be seen?

Incisions are usually positioned in such a way that they can easily be concealed beneath clothing and bathing suits.

The first step in a body lift procedure is the anesthesia. You will receive medications and your choice of intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. Your surgeon will explain the difference and help you make the best choice.

Once you are sedated, your surgeon will begin the incision procedure. If you are having the lower body lifted, the incisions will be in a bikini-like pattern. These will be used to tighten the buttocks, thighs, waist, groin and abdomen using one procedure.

An incision will be made around the circumference of the body to remove an “apron” of excess fat and skin. The remaining skin and tissues will be repositioned and tightened. Your surgeon may use a combination of lift techniques and liposuction to improve the contour of this area.

When the procedure is finished, your surgeon will close the incisions using deep support sutures in underlying tissues. These will help support the new contours. Following this, external sutures, tape, skin adhesives and/or clips will be applied to close the incisions in the skin.

How will I look after the procedure?

Naturally, there will be bruising and other signs of the procedure, but these will heal fairly quickly. You will be able to see an improvement in your overall appearance and silhouette right away. Your body will need time to adjust and heal; however, if you take good care of yourself and follow your doctor’s recommendations, you will continue to look and feel better and better. Within a couple of years, you will see the full benefits of your body lift procedure.

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  1. For a while I could not breath, but good job. It’s very uncomfortable for a
    handsome DR. To perform on you. Please post pictures of after .

  2. Dr. Katzen is an AMAZING surgeon — he’s highly skilled, precise,
    professional, patient, and passionate about what he does. He’s performed
    three surgeries on me, the first of which was that shown in this video. I
    used to weigh over 100 pounds more than I do now, and through changing my
    relationship with food and getting physically active (mostly the gym and
    dancing), over the years I lost 100 pounds. What DIDN’T go away, however,
    was the excess skin. No matter HOW much I worked out, the s

  3. O.o seriously?? are you kidding me this woman’s skin was debilitating. Her
    ability to function must have been greatly hindered. Why don’t you try
    carrying around breasts that size and excess skin and tissue to that degree
    and see how quickly you opt for suck a massive surgery. Her mental illness
    may have been cured by the damage to her body was not! This had little to
    do with vanity and more to do with functionality! The Dr doesn’t enjoy
    “carving” people he enjoys giving a woman her life back!

  4. I would love to see some after shots of this woman’s did her
    scars heal? Some updated photos at least please! The Dr. worked very
    quickly and intently..BRAVO! as most morbidly obese patients have other
    health problems with cardiovascular and pulmonary systems. Although to see
    a woman undergo such a massive surgery is a bit shocking I applauded her
    willingness to try to recover her life! For a Dr. to be able to do this for
    her is a gift from GOD not a curse from the devil.

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  6. I hope this woman’s life is good now as far as satisfaction with her body.
    Wow. I understand the skin won’t drop off after weight loss like that no
    matter what, but wow that was really interesting. I sort of feel like I
    need to take a break for my eyes for a bit. Also it would have been even
    more interesting to see some after-pics of the patient – a month, three
    months, six months, nine months, a year, that sort of thing. So we could go
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  7. Cool!!! But that patient must of been in a whole lot of pain.. Hell im
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  9. I had this procedure done in 2011 as well my arms, legs and breasts also
    fixed. I had lost 130 lbs over 14 years ago and desired to have the excess
    skin taken off. In total I have had over 20 lbs of skin removed. Recovery
    was hard but SO worth it. I exercise daily and follow a balanced diet. I
    love the results and would do it again 🙂 It took a total of 2 years to
    complete the surgical journey and as of July 16,2013 I was DONE!! *I am
    the redhead in the photo

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    What will they do with that 28 Pound of fat and skin? Why preserve it?

  11. Thanks for posting his vid. It gives me a realistic picture of what I’ll be
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