The Benefits Of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgeons are essentially doctors and surgeons who create, reshape and transform the face and body of humans.  Plastic surgeons who are board certified are trained in the number of different aspects of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, including reconstructive surgery of the neck, head and torso, hand surgery, micro-vascular surgery, burn surgery and congenital revision and repair.  They are also trained in cosmetic surgery of the body and face.

Although aesthetic or cosmetic surgery is the most renowned type of plastic surgery, plastic surgery is not mostly cosmetic; a number of individuals opt for plastic surgery to alter a body part that makes them uncomfortable or to correct a physical defect.  Plastic surgery is fundamentally a special kind of surgery that could involve both the appearance of the individual and his or her ability to function.  A plastic surgeon strives to improve the appearance and self-image of the patient through both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.

Cosmetic Procedures

These procedures alter a body part with which an individual is not satisfied.  Included among common cosmetic procedures are breast augmentation, reshaping the nose and liposuction, which is used to remove pockets of fat from particular areas of the body.  A number of cosmetic procedures are not  surgical in the way in which the majority of individuals view surgery; the involvement of cutting and stitching.  For instance, some procedures involve special lasers used to get rid of unwanted hair or to sand the skin to enhance the look of severe scarring.

Reconstructive Procedures

These procedures correct a defective body part such as burns, dog bites and other traumatic injuries,  ear deformities, cleft lips and palates and other physical birth defects or the effects of disease treatments like reconstructing breasts after breast cancer surgery.

Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

Below are a few things to know and do before choosing a plastic surgeon:

Board Certification

A plastic surgeon who is certified by the ABPS or American Board of Plastic Surgery is specially trained and uniquely qualified.  Such a surgeon has been proven to have the lowest complications rates and give the best level of patient care.

Check The Record of the Surgeon

Contact the medical board in your state to find out information regarding the record of the surgeon from organizations that record whether the plastic surgeon had any disciplinary actions against him or her.

Interview the Potential Plastic Surgeon

Have pertinent questions to ask like how many times he or she has performed a particular surgery? Also find out about qualification and training, as well as who will be assisting with the surgery.