Plastic Surgery

thWhen people hear about plastic surgery, they always link it to the Hollywood stars who are trying to reduce the effects of aging. Many people think it just involves people wanting to change the size and shape of their breast, stomachs or other parts of the body.

Plastic is more than just beauty, it also involves reconstruction of defective body parts. Some good examples are a boy who has been bitten by a dog on the nose, a car crash victim or a cancer patient.

What is plastic surgery?
Plastic surgery is a procedure in which a person deformities are corrected. It can be either appearance or the ability to function through cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Some parts of the world have separated the two types of surgeries into two distinct categories, the elective surgery and the plastic surgery. Elective surgery is optional and done to enhance beauty while plastic surgery is done after an illness or injury. These forms the two main categories of plastic surgery

Elective or cosmetic surgery
This procedure is done when person doesn’t feel satisfied with his or her body appearance. The most common procedure is breast augmentation, reshaping of the nose and removing fat from parts of the body in a process known as liposuction. This procedure doesn’t necessarily involve cutting and stitching, other methods can be used. One such method is using a laser to remove hair or sanding the skin. These procedures include;
Tummy tuck
This is a procedure in which the abdomen is reshaped and firmed Excess skin and fat is removed from the lower and the middle abdomen. Women who have given birth sometimes have hanging skin, which makes this procedure applicable.

Eye lid surgery
A permanent eyeliner is applied or the eyelid reshaped. This procedure can be either cosmetic or functional. People with drooping eyes have had better sight after this surgery.

This procedure involves breast enlargement, breast reduction for both men and women or breast lift. The enlargement is done by inserting implants in the breast.

Reconstructive surgery
This procedure is done to correct body deformities that affects a person’s normal life. This may be due to an accident, illness or born with the defect. This defects can sometimes prevent a person from doing basics tasks. This procedure is mostly done to burn victims, breast cancer patients who have lost their breasts or any body part deformed after an accident.
The surgeons who carry out these procedures are highly trained and have experience in their respective specialties.