Laser Treatments

Some Common Laser Treatments

A laser works by emitting a single wavelength of a high energy light that generates heat to get rid of the skin problem. There are several cosmetic laser treatments commonly performed on the skin mainly to remove hair, lines, tattoos, lesions, and scars. Specialists in laser treatments use lasers of different wavelengths for different laser procedures.

Skin tightening and fine lines

The specialist will remove wrinkles and fine lines through a combination of skin tightening and resurfacing by a relatively aggressive laser. This procedure is also effective in removing warts and skin tags as well as laser assisted surgery where the specialist uses it to cut through the skin.
It is possible to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin through the creation of a controlled injury to the skin. The heat of the laser increases collagen production in the skin thereby inducing the tightening of skin and overall healthier looking skin.

Removing cancerous lesions and treating sun spots

Another common laser treatment procedure is the one used to treat age and sunspots, treating rosacea, freckles, spider veins, enlarged pores, and even removing dark circles under the eye.
Previously, surgeons removed all these using scalpel but with the advances in technology, they now use lasers to treat precancerous lesions as a preventative measure.

Plastic surgeons also use lasers to remove vascular lesions such as broken blood vessels and veins as well as some birthmarks.

Laser hair and tattoo removal

These are perhaps the two most common laser treatment procedures. If you have a tattoo that you regret having then the laser tattoo removal is a procedure you should look into. The procedure involves melting the ink in the skin and then using the body’s own vascular system to get rid of it.
Since tattoo ink lasts long, it is not possible to get rid of the tattoo in one treatment session. If the tattoo comprises of different colors, then you will need to go for several treatment sessions for the complete removal of the tattoo.

Laser treatments are also a wonderful for getting rid of unwanted hair. The laser targets every strand of hair to destroy its growth. Since hair grows in different cycles, then you will need to go for several treatments to get rid of the hair that the laser did not get during previous treatment sessions.

In conclusion, there are different types of laser treatments that treat different skin conditions. Visit a plastic surgeon to determine the procedure that will work best for you.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing that. That might be an answer for me. I hope
    you continue to post updates on it. It did look sooooo red when you first
    had it done, but I thought it went drastically down in just 24 hours and
    the swelling as well. 

  2. Big Thumbs Up! and thanks for sharing! It actually doesn’t look too bad.
    Was it uncomfortable when it was healing?

  3. this is how my chin looks after putting retin-a three times a day for three
    days!! I went overboard because i was too excited to get rid of the
    acne…so it is now in the peeling phase…I can’t wait to have my old skin
    back (pre-acne of course)

  4. i have a port-wine stain birthmark and to get it to fade and prevent it
    from turning purple i have been getting laser treatment kind of like this
    on my face since i was three

  5. WoooHooo Lasers! I love them! I have had quite a few microlaser peels done
    which are more invasive than this type and usually done with the Sciton.
    Very, very extremely painful but the deeper you go the more painful. I
    actually go next Monday for one! Yay 🙂 But yah you def are gonna wanna
    stay indoors for a minimum of 6 days and avoid sunlight. They definitely
    do help though; well worth the pain.

  6. As far as I am concerned, you shouldn’t have to justify the reasons why you
    had the treatment. Thank you for showing those of us that ere interested in
    seeing the effects. I think more ‘extreme’ beauty treatments and plastic
    surgery are all a matter of personal preference. It’s your body! You’re
    grown up enough to make your own decisions and take your own risks. I
    really dislike people who feel they have to tell us what is best for us or
    that we shouldn’t have certain procedures done. I think it’s a shame that
    you knew you’d get negative comments and felt the need to nip them in the
    bud first. I’m sorry that us viewers are bordering on judgemental at times.
    I completely understand someone’s need to explain their actions or comments
    as I find myself justifying these things too – quite often. What frustrates
    me more than anything is when people immediately take offence at something
    that is said without looking further behind the comment (which is often
    just a sense of humour) or behind the person. Usually when we know people,
    we know whether offensive behaviour is typical of that person or not. If it
    isn’t, then please try to give that person a break and not immediately jump
    to conclusions about what they meant. I understand I have gone off topic
    here but I think it ties in with the constant justifying or explaining
    actions. All because people jump on comments and actions too quickly. It’s
    hard work to be PC all the time and we certainly can’t always take actions
    that others will always understand or even approve of.
    There will usually be many more positive comments than negative – so Wayne
    – just relax and be yourself. I have noticed this constant justifying and
    it must be exhausting for you! This is no way a criticism. I think it’s
    wonderful that you try to consider everyone’s feelings and it says a lot
    about your intentions as a human being. However, you’ll NEVER please
    everyone and wear yourself out in the process of trying.
    Take care and I’m really pleased to have discovered your channel – thanks x

  7. There has NEVER EVER EVER been a video that physically made my jaw drop!
    omg I’ve gone through child birth and Emergency C section and THIS is
    scary! omg!!!!! I wouldnt have the dangle bits to do this!

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