Cosmetic Surgeons

Three Tips For Choosing A Cosmetic Surgeon

Cosmetic surgeons can be some of the world’s best kept secrets. This is because everyone knows about them, but so few know how to go about finding the right one for them. That’s what we’re here to help you with today: teaching you how to choose the best cosmetic surgeon for whatever procedure you desire.

Let’s get down to business!

1. Find A Specialist For What You Need

Not all cosmetic surgeons have the same training and experience. For example, you may want want to have our nose fixed. This doesn’t mean you have to go to someone who only does rhinoplasty all day, but you are definitely not going to get very far with a surgeon who only does liposuction, for example.

Just like you would go to a dentist for your teeth and a cardiologist for your heart, you should go to a surgeon who knows how to do your procedure best. In larger areas this is easy to do as many surgeons will focus on only one or two types of procedures. There are surgeons who only do breast augmentations, doctors who only do face lifts, and so on. You can do a basic search online for such a doctor.

2. Bedside Manner

You want a doctor that makes you feel comfortable, and this includes in their office when you go in for your first consultation. A doctor who makes you feel stupid, unsafe, or makes you feel like you’re being taken for a ride is someone you should avoid! Sadly, there are such doctors out there, but a vast majority of them are caring and compassionate individuals. They want you to feel secure in their hands.

3. Money Matters

Just like not every doctor is going to behave the same way, it’s also true that not every doctor will take the same type of payments. Some cosmetic surgery procedures are covered by insurance, but not every doctor takes every kind of insurance. Be sure to read their website or call and ask before you even go into their office.

Some doctors will work with you on a payment plan or want everything paid upfront. Know what your finances are like before getting a consultation.

Overall, there are many wonderful cosmetic surgeons out there waiting to work with you. Finding the right one, however, is a personal choice that requires a bit of due diligence. Good luck!

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  1. Oh my! I guess man is killing nature…so they have to create plastic
    replacements. So sad!

  2. Their husbands should be making them feel good about themselves. It sounds
    like those women married superficial womanizers. Quit hating on them theres
    no point since they already hate themselves

  3. the dentists wife is the only one who looks normal, the others look like a
    trainwreck,..and just overly railed

  4. Why is everyone bashing these women? What’s wrong with wanting to look
    good? It’s THEIR body, NOT YOURS. What gives you the right to judge them?
    If you bitches had money, I’m sure the majority of would be using it to
    make yourselves look good. If they’re happy, that is ALL THAT FUCKING
    MATTERS. These women are beautiful and brave, and have inspired me to go
    forward with my decision to get cosmetic surgery without giving a shit what
    any of you haters think.

  5. Why are people so afraid of getting old! Getting old is the sign of
    wisdom!!!! I love my wrinkles :)

  6. gal on the far left looked waaaay overdone. to ea their own when it comes
    to this kinda surgery,but dayummmm!!

  7. really ? this is why we have eating disorders and body image issues in
    girls and boys. 

  8. All I will say is that I hope none of these women die on an operating
    table. But shit happens.

  9. Basically the only difference between these women and every other woman is
    they have the connections to fix whatever they want to fix. I want about
    three or four surgeries but I can only afford one and I’m ok with that. But
    if I had a cosmetic surgeon for a husband then I’d fix whatever I feel
    needs fixing!

  10. The only one that appears over done is the women on the far left. But
    honestly its their bodies they can do whatever they like as long as its not
    hurting or doing damage to anyone or themselves.

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