Cosmetic Procedures

Common Cosmetic Procedures To Know About

There are many misunderstandings about the world of cosmetic surgery. These days it gets a lot of bad flak for making women feel bad about themselves, even though most of the doctors are good, wholesome people who only want to help others. Indeed, the kind of cosmetic surgery people often think about when they hear the term isn’t even the only kind available out there.

Below are the most common cosmetic surgery procedures you should be aware of.

1. Repair And Fix

Cosmetic surgery really got its start helping people after brutal accidents or those born with severe birth defects. If you’ve ever heard of a baby having a cleft palate fixed, or of a crash victim having their face reconstructed, then you’re talking about cosmetic surgery.

Doctors who do this kind of cosmetic surgery are often qualified to do others as well. In fact, “cosmetic surgery” is often defined as surgery that does not promote the patient’s physical health. Perhaps someone with a gash in their face can live a perfectly health life – but the mental toll it takes on them breaks them down to the point they need to have surgery to feel normal again.

2. Enhance And Alter

This is the kind of cosmetic surgery most people are familiar with. Someone may be dissatisfied with their nose and decide to have it changed. Maybe they would like to have bigger breasts or try to look younger. Everyone has their reasons for wanting to alter or enhance their appearance. Some love the way they look and feel… minus that one little thing that has always bothered them since they were children. Others feel that their social standing will go up if they slightly change something. No matter what the reason, it is perfectly valid. And these needs are what have made cosmetic surgery a billion dollar industry every year.

Within these categories are many other subcategories, such as the type of cosmetic surgery done, how long it takes to do, what part of the body it affects, and how many times it needs to be done. If you’re interested in learning more about cosmetic procedures, you can either call up your nearest doctor or start doing some research online. There is a wealth of good information out there, and none needs to feel pressured to have something done that they don’t want.

25 thoughts on “Cosmetic Procedures”

  1. I dream of nosejob, because I have gotten so much hate on my nose. but
    these videos make me wonder if I shouldnt….. ;__; its just so hard

  2. Both myself and my husband have naturally full mouths. I hate them The
    joke we’ve heard is “If we have a kid he’ll be lips with feet” It ain’t
    that great.

  3. This is a bunch of BULL — 1) Kardashian has her butt injected with
    silicone and her boobs and nose and more all are redone with plastic
    surgery FACT!!!

    I worked as a consultant with Plastic Surgeons and there are few errors
    with Botox and if there are it is because of not researching the background
    of the Plastic Surgeon you use… it is MD error only.

    Believe I know what I am talking about!

  4. Im sorry to say but both of you are out of a job when
    you have more lines in your faces ….usa kind of thing

  5. not only do they make money doing the first surgery… then they make money
    for the reversal surgery.. big money BOTH ways… great career move

  6. I don’t mean to be unsympathetic but grow up and face reality. Everyone
    would like to look a little younger but that’s life. So when I see pics of
    these asshole celebs who end up with jacked up faces I laugh, u had it
    coming. U can’t turn back time. Stop messing with nature. You’ll lose big

  7. We are born with a certain genetic code for a REASON. The snow
    white-wicked queen syndrome I call it when beautiful people cannot stand
    someone else looking better than they do and want to be ‘the fairest in
    the land.’

  8. That chick with the giant lips has ALWAYS looked like a deformed fish. She
    looks normal and pretty now. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with
    people, thinking that looking like a plastic mannikin is BETTER than a few

  9. Aging is cruel to women. If a guy gets older he just is more mature, and
    still gets younger women, but if a women does not take care of herself as
    she ages just gets treated like a tired old hag. I don’t lie about my age,
    but I won’t give it to it. I’m so glad there are choices to slow down
    aging. Even if it means just coloring your hair. 

  10. everything about Hollywood is fake. It’s sad that they’re all willing to
    risk their lives and naturally good looks for money.

  11. As an artist, I see beauty in the marks of aging. I am horrified at the
    absurd pressure for every walking female in this country to be a walking
    skeleton with a horribly disfigured face. What began as a fad has become
    pathological…gods forbid there should be one smile line on a woman’s
    face! This is a serious and dangerous obsession, but it can only come to a
    stop when there’s a change in irrational social pressures, and less
    hostility throughout this country toward those whose looks and body type
    don’t meet the (irrelevant) expectations of others. I’m 60, look every year
    of it if not more, I’m keeping my gray hair gray, and I’m not skinny and
    never want to be. And if somebody else doesn’t like that, too bad. That’s
    their problem, not mine.

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