Breast Reduction

The Many Benefits Of A Breast Reduction

If you are a larger breasted woman you may be considering a breast reduction. This procedure will make your breasts smaller and reduce the stress that they put on your body. It can also save you money and give you a more active lifestyle.

The first benefit of a breast reduction is the lack of stress smaller breasts put on your body. As a larger breasted woman you likely have shoulder or back pain from carrying around larger breasts that pull on these regions. When you get a reduction that weight is reduced and you should begin to immediately feel a difference in comfort.

This difference in comfort can also be felt in your bras. When you wear a smaller bra size the straps are smaller as the weight makes them less likely to dig into your shoulders. This will again begin to alleviate pain. If you get your breasts reduced to a small enough size you may not need to wear a bra at all.

Another benefit that comes with smaller breast sizes is a smaller price tag. Both bras and shirts will usually cost less in smaller sizes. You will also be able to shop at more stores giving you a larger range of price points to select from. In this way a breast reduction can be your ticket to a more confident and stylish self.

Breasts that have been reduced in size will also allow you to move around more freely. With less breast tissue you will find yourself able to run and exercise in ways you weren’t able to before. It will also be easier to buy sports bras and workout equipment that didn’t seem to work before your reduction.

A breast reduction can also cause you to appear more proportional. You can choose to have your breasts reduced to a size you feel with compliment the rest of your figure. This means you may be able to wear a smaller shirt instead of having to explain why you consistently wear shirts two sizes bigger than your friends.

A breast reduction can also make your breasts perkier and more youthful looking. With less tissue and less pressure on your breasts they may stand up better. This can eliminate the dreaded saggy granny breasts that come with being a larger breasted woman.

Breast reduction can change the way you live your life. This procedure can change your exercise, clothes shopping, and pain management strategies. This gives you the freedom to be yourself without being held back by your breasts.

25 thoughts on “Breast Reduction”

  1. Thank you for posting this. We have similar bodies and I am also going to
    get a breast reduction surgery. I’m thinking of making a similar
    documentary to this one. This is such an emotional time for me– I am glad
    to hear the experience of someone who understands. ;_; So few people do.

  2. I’m doing great! I’m healing well and so happy with this decision. I bought
    a ton of button ups because I’ve never been able to wear them before 🙂 I
    went bra shopping and it was amazing. My Dr. said he’d have to take me down
    to a B cup to meet the insurance requirements but I wanted a C and when
    they measured me it turns out I’m a 32 C.

  3. can i ask what was the weight/bmi you had to be before qualifying for
    surgery (for insurance to cover it)? also, did you get a reduction/lift or
    just a reduction? you look great and thank you for sharing your journey!

  4. Well i don’t know how i came here..!!:O But since i am here .. My personal
    opinion is you look much beautiful and HOT after surgery ;). Wish you good
    luck with your life..:)

  5. Hildi, I am male but my wife had breast implants placed in her small
    breasts and she has the same scars as you do. They scars will fade and you
    will look and feel great about yourself. My first wife who died of cancer
    died had extra large breasts and always had backaches and had strap marks
    on her shoulders. We didn’t get to get hers reduced before she died. My
    current wife lost sensation in one of her breasts but it slowly came back.
    Don’t give up and you are brave for this testimony! 🙂

  6. if u get pregnant would you be able to breast feed produce milk ? also
    would they grow bigger if u get pregnant any thoughts or fears ?

  7. Tack för videon, modigt, och väldigt bra info. Tänkte bara tipsa om att
    Vitamin E tar bort ärr.. hörde de från “embarrassing bodies” programmet
    (som också finns på youtube) när avsnittet handlade om bröst förminskning 🙂

  8. I had to comment!! You had your breast reduction a month before I had mine
    and it was the best decision i ever made. Granted they removed my nipples
    and then grafted them back on, making me lose all feeling but my body feels
    so much better. I went from a 38JJ to a 38 D! So congrats to you

  9. Thanks for posting this! It’s really helped me feel less nervous about my
    own surgery, which is coming up soon 🙂

  10. I just turned 18 about 3 months ago and the week that I turned 18 I went to
    my doctor to get the process started for a breast reduction.My breast are
    very huge! I have 38 H… I hate my body! I know that it is very hard to
    walk for periods of time minus trying to exercise. I wanted to say thank
    you! You are the first video I watched after I went to my doctor. I am
    having my surgery on October 17!! I am very excited but very scared at the
    same time. Do you have any suggestions for afterwards?

  11. Awesome! Congratulations! 🙂 If you live in the US, my “secret” is
    Medifast. Look it up, it’s an amazing weightloss program! I lost 9 pounds
    my first week, and then gradually you lose less each week and you have to
    work harder combining exercise. It is a little harder keeping the weight
    off after losing it so quickly though, so I’m currently working on losing
    my post-op weight gain. Email me for more details: 🙂

  12. My neck and back are constantly killing me so I have, for a while now,
    considering doing this. And as vain as it sounds scarring really scares me,
    yours looks really good (not to be a perv: ) ) have they continued to
    diminish and get lighter and less raised?

  13. hi. You are so beautiful, and I loved you, from your pretty face to your
    wonderful breasts. I love them,specially your (now) little nipples.

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