Breast Lift

What Is A Breast Lift Procedure?

In plastic surgery, a mastoplexy is the medical term for a breast lift. This procedure is used when breasts become less firm and lose their youthful shape. Women who have the. Perhaps this is why it has become increasingly popular over time. If you are considering having a breast lift, here is what you need to know.

The Breast Lift Procedure

A skilled plastic surgeon will remove excess skin and tightens the tissues within the breast, These prcedures provide greater support for the breast and define a more youthful shape. The removal of excess skin can also decrease the size of enlarged aureola.

After healing, a woman’s silhouette will be more youthful looking and the breast tissue is well shaped. This procedure is not the same as a breast augmentation, in which material is added to the breast to make them larger, or a breast reduction, which removes breast tissue while tightening and removing some surrounding skin in order to reduce breast size. The goal of a breast lift is simple: firmer and more shapely breasts.

What Causes Breasts To Sag?

There are many different reasons that breasts begin to sag. Weight fluctuations are responsible for a loss of firmness and excess skin. Additionally, age, gravity, and heredity all play a factor. After pregnancy, it is common for breasts enlarged during pregnancy to become less firm after deliver. When women breast feed, the changes in breast firmness are frequently quite noticeable.

The Benefits of A Breast Lift

While a breast lift is not done to increase the size of the breasts, the end result is that the breasts appear much larger once the lift is complete. Many women appreciate that they do not have to carry around extra weight in their breasts to have ones that appear larger. In addition, the breast contours are firmer and much more youthful looking after the procedure has been completed. Many people find that the results are more natural looking than an augmentation.

Cosmetic plastic surgery, such as a breast lift, can significantly improve a woman’s outlook on life. By improving the outward appearance, it is a simple step to feel more confident and have a better outlook on life. Studies indicate that a better body image translates into fewer bouts of depression and a better social life. Before you consider having a breast lift done, consult with your plastic surgeon to make sure that it the right procedure for your body type and condition.

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