Breast Augmentation

What Exactly Is Breast Augmentation?

Often medically referred to as augmentation mammoplasty or breast augmentation surgery, these are terms that refer to a surgical procedure for the placement of breast implants. This is generally a surgery that is done to help improve upon the symmetry of breasts, to increase upon the fullness or to help restore some of the breast volume that could have been lost whenever there was a pregnancy or a significant of weight loss in any given patient.

The procedure involved for breast augmentation will usually involve the addition of fat using a fat transfer or breast implants to help boost up the size of the breasts. However, if you are a patient that has breasts that are drooping, you will want to talk to your surgeon about a breast lift along with some further enhancement to bring about the right size. A breast lift will often be done right along with a breast augmentation, however some surgeons might require there be a separate operation to get the full effect.

With a breast augmentation using implants, the surgeon will usually introduce implants that are made from silicone, saline or even another composite material. The implants will be strategically placed underneath the breast tissue or the chest muscles. Today, there are a number of ways that a surgeon might introduce the breast implants, such as going in with an incision around the areola, up through the belly button, in through the arm pit and even underneath the breast in the crease.

No matter where the surgeon goes in, you will find that there will be similar recovery times and the type of recovery that you have will usually depend upon several factors. For example, if you are also undergoing a breast lift, you will usually find that your may have more soreness and a bit of a longer recovery time. In the event that you are not in the best health going into the surgical procedure, you may also have to undergo a longer recovery time or even plan for a stay at an extended care facility while you can heal.

The great thing about breast augmentation surgery is that the patient has the ability to have the breasts that they have always wanted or to correct an issue that is present. Picking out the right surgeon and going into breast augmentation surgery for the right reasons can make all of the difference in the world.

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    body and now she is absolutely gorgeous. I’m usually a skeptic when it
    comes to implants but this was needed and well done. if the dr. reads this
    post may i have some advice on bra measuring. when sitting down and
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    determined? I’m natural.

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