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What To Expect From A Plastic Eye Surgeon

A plastic eye surgeon will usually do either an eye-lift or eyelid surgery. These two procedures can change the shape of your eyes or eliminate wrinkles giving you with a different facial look. There are two of the most subtle eye surgeries with the biggest impact.

For eyelid surgery there are usually two main motivators. The first motivator is looking more youthful. If you feel like your eyelids are sagging then eyelid surgery will give you a more youthful look and tighten up the skin. This can make you look more alert and give you back several years of youthful visual appearance.

The second motivator is when your eyelid is causing you vision problems. On occasion a drooping eyelid can cause problems with you vision and impact your day to day life. Because eyelid surgery both removes and tightens skin it resolves these issues and gives you back more control over your life.

Depending on the severity of your eyelid issues you can have more than skin removed. There are options to remove and tighten skin, tissue, and even muscle. These options allow you to choose your eye shape and give you the appearance that you want.

The surgeon can also perform surgery on both your lower and upper eyelid. This can be used to prevent rubbing between your eyelids which can be painful in nature. These procedures can also reduce forehead strain and ultimately help prevent the formation of forehead wrinkles.

These procedures can also be used to prevent sagging skin under your eyes. By eliminating the fat pockets that protrude and make you look tired they can make you look healthier and more alert. This can in turn make you feel and look more youthful.

A plastic eye surgeon will be able to talk to you about which of these procedures is best for you. Usually they will give you a consultation and allow you to tell them your needs. Then they will work with you showing you both previous examples and computer generated models to determine what you want done. Finally they will be able to tell you both the benefits and risks if any of the surgeries you are considering.

A plastic surgeon who specializes in eye surgery can change your life. They can make you seem more awake and youthful or they can give you your eyesight back. Giving you the ability to feel more comfortable with your eyes and more confident in your appearance.

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