Brow Lift

What Is A Brow Lift & Who Should Get One?

A brow lift is also called a forehead lift. It is a surgical procedure intended to reduce wrinkles in the forehead, between the eyes and around the bridge of the nose. I can also improve frown lines and raise sagging eyebrows that may hood the upper eyelids. After a brow lift, your eyebrows will be in a youthful and alert position.

Is brow lift surgery expensive?

Generally speaking, brow lift surgery costs about $3000; however, the cost can vary significantly. Factors that can affect cost include the cost of operating room facilities, anesthesia and so on. Your surgeon will base his or her fee on knowledge, skills, abilities and experience as well as the type of procedure that is used. The geographic location of the office may also come into play in terms of cost.

Can anyone get brow lift surgery?

A good candidate for this type of surgery is a physically healthy non-smoker who has realistic goals for the results coupled with a positive outlook.

Why have brow lift surgery?

As we grow older, lines and wrinkles tend to appear across the forehead. These can have the unfortunate affect of making an older person look very serious or even angry. As the skin tone relaxes, the eyebrows tend to drop. This causes a hooding effect over the eyelids that tends to make a person look tired. These signs of aging can be quite troublesome, but a brow lift procedure can remedy them.

Is  recovery difficult?

Recovery can take a couple of weeks. During this time, the treated area may be taped and lightly wrapped to prevent bruising and swelling. A small drain tube may be placed to prevent fluid collecting under the skin. You will need to take care of the incision sites according to your doctor’s instructions. Be sure to take any prescribed medications and get ample rest during this time. You will need to elevate your head and avoid vigorous activity until your procedure is entirely healed.

You should have recovered sufficiently to return to work within two weeks. You will want to use cosmetics judiciously to cover any remaining bruising. Full recovery will take several months.

The most important aspect of recovery is following your doctor’s orders. Avoid excessive motion, and do not apply heat or cold therapy. If you are very careful with your post-operative procedures, you will enjoy a successful recovery.

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